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Welcome back to our weekly horoscope led by our astrologer De Rui

Mars and Uranus meet in Taurus in one of this year’s most potent periods. The Sun and Jupiter support us with warm vibes. Mercury and Saturn animate the inner critic.

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A time of transition

Signs affected the most: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius 

In one of the most cosmically active weeks of the year, Mars and Uranus conjoin at the North Node of the Moon, opening up a powerful portal for change. The ongoing transitions taking place with regards to life’s fundamentals—environment, money, peace and security—can accelerate at this time. A positive contact between this confluence of energies in Taurus and Venus, sitting in Cancer, signals a dynamic alignment with humanity’s shared values. Whatever events we cause or experience at this time is likely to be beneficial in the long run.

Positive vibes are strong

Signs affected the most: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Generosity and good humour motivate us during the week as the Sun and Jupiter align well in Fire signs. We can meet with and be inspired by the positive vibes around us. Friends and benefactors are more available to lend a helping hand. This is a time when doors may open in unexpected places, giving us the green light to pursue bigger goals. Optimism is less likely to be misplaced.

Think carefully before you act

Signs affected the most: Virgo, Capricorn

At the same time, words and plans take a more practical and conservative turn as Mercury prepares to move into earthy Virgo. The influence of Saturn’s pragmatism as well may challenge us to think things through more carefully and in greater detail. We may not want to say too much before knowing that all our ducks are lined up. With our inner critic taking on larger proportions, take care not to self-censor too much when it would be wiser to speak up.


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