Cover Designer Series Refrigeration (Photo: Courtesy of Madison Group)

The high-end US refrigerator brand offers practical design icons that are as impressively hi-tech as they are aesthetically pleasing

Sub-Zero’s Designer Series Refrigeration is as impressively hi-tech as it is aesthetically pleasing.

The intelligent cooling system enhances Sub-Zero fridges’ ability to keep food fresher for longer periods of time; they are powered by variable-speed compressors and a brace of fans that optimise the temperature to within one degree of set point. Meanwhile, the LED lighting scheme bathes the interior in an even glow illuminating the shelves and drawers without casting shadows.

Setting a Sub-Zero fridge to work is a breeze thanks to the touch control panel, with everything from lighting to humidity easily customised with a finger tap. There’s a new night mode too, setting the interior lighting to segue into detected ambient light at a preset time, which reduces the brightness by as much as 90 per cent.

Other improvements make the Sub-Zero a helpful addition to your kitchen. A flip-up dairy compartment allows taller items to fit on the shelf below; the door shelves can be adjusted to different heights to make room for assorted items; a nano coating on the edge of each glass shelf creates a barrier to help contain accidental spills; three times an hour, a Nasa-inspired air purification system cleanses the air of unwanted odours; and a powerful magnetic door seal locks in the cold air to guarantee freshness and reduce energy consumption.

The first Sub-Zero fridge was launched in 1945, establishing a reputation for quality, innovation and cutting-edge design. Some three-quarters of a century later, that reputation keeps growing as Sub-Zero continues to enhance households—and lives—the world over.

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